Why should YOU fall in love with podcasting?

There’s so much to love about podcasting – it’s a fantastic way to get your message out to your clients, allowing you to engage with them and build those all-important relationships. Podcasting is really all about falling in love with your audience and  committing to them in the same way that they commit to you by regularly tuning in. They make it all worth it!

Here’s why we think you should fall head over heels in love with podcasting:

It’s the ideal way to ENGAGE with your clients

Podcasting creates a connection like no other, creating a sense of belonging and strengthening your listener’s relationship with you! 67% of podcast listeners agree that podcasts motivate and inspire them, meaning that starting your podcast could get you well on your way to becoming a thought leader in your area of expertise. Not only this, but BBC World service research found that podcasts have the highest engagement rate of any medium – 47% higher than radio and 27% higher than TV! With such a high level of engagement and impact, what’s not to love about podcasting?

It could be a mutually beneficial COMMITMENT

It’s one thing to engage your audience in a way that makes them fall in love with you and what you have to say, but it’s another to get your audience to commit to your podcast long-term. After you’ve hooked them in with your initial podcast premise, how are you going to get your listeners to stay? 

Once you’ve got this nailed, it’s a mutually beneficial two-way commitment! You consistently supply your clients with high-quality content, and in return, your target audience engages with you too. Podcasting is such an intimate medium, which means that your audience is so much more likely to take your messages on board. That then leads to a loyal community surrounding your business or brand. 

Your RELATIONSHIP with your listeners can only grow!

Once you’ve engaged your podcast audience, and committed to them long term, your relationship can only blossom from there! You’re both enjoying a journey of growth together, exploring new topics and ideas. Of course, it’s important to still retain the spark that made your listeners fall in love with you in the first place. Always keep in mind what brings your podcast community together and what they respond well to, in order to keep that podcasting romance alive. Keep things fresh, but never forget why you – and your listeners – fell in love with your podcast in the first place. 

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but podcasting works best when it’s a commitment. There are so many reasons to fall in love with podcasting, and once you’ve found yours, your audience is sure to fall in love for the same reasons.

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